Thursday, 1 January 2015

Christy Lemp Week #1

What a freeing way to start 2015! My hope and wish for this challenge is that it will give me a "license" to experiment more often and more freely instead of concentrating so much on a finished painting. A good mantra would be "let it go". I got a little caught up in doing commissions this year (new for me) and didn't make enough time for play. Just playing with paint is important for growth and discovery.   My breakfast nook studio will be the site for endless possibilities!

 January is often very cold and gray, so the warmth of any outdoor life is such a treat; cardinals, house finches, and red foxes are in my brain so here I'm getting out the reds and oranges.  I didn't realize how many different tubes were in my supply!
 I've been in pursuit of a really nice red so recently bought Schminke vermillion, which is the wash on top left. Top and bottom right is the vermillion and Winsor Newton Permanent Alizarin Crimson. Bottom left are a variety of color swatches that will be a useful reference for painting animals and flowers.
 Bockingford 140# paper here. On the left I swished "tubes" of water down the paper and dropped in the vermillion, Quinacridone Gold and indigo for contrast, softening edges along the way. It lightened up a great deal when dry.
On the right  I did the tubes of water again and also splattered water for more random effects. Used vermillion again but fuller strength to see how bright it could be. Dropped in Schminke helio cerulean both next to and into the vermillion. (could be a little red fox's leg on the right?)  Also placed cobalt turquoise light on the left and enjoy this combination.