Isabella KRAMER - Germany

Why do I like watercolour?  The delicacy of the presentation, the volatility of the medium water in relation to the spontaneity and unpredictability of creative color pigments, the transparency and vitality of this kind of artistic design have never left me.

Favourite colour?  That’s very difficult, but always Cobalt Blue, some days with wanderlust  Verditer Blue, missing the sea Cobalt Teal Blue and always Quinacridone Gold and of course deep in my soul Alizarin Chrimson.

Favourite painter? That’s difficult too and it changes from time, but the first I though of are Paul Klee and Carol Carter. 

If you were a painting what style of painting would you be? Of course a watercolour painting, a little bit abstract and very bright and beautiful colours 

What has been your biggest challenge in painting watercolours? Always the next step, I want to go…. may be to tell stories with my images, portraits, modern still lives, people at work etc. 

Where is your favourite place to you paint?  Currently still my studio, but I want to paint plein air in 2015.

Who has inspired you? Images of other painters, modern contemporaries and those in museums. And over all my beloved homeland Lower Saxony in North Germany, with it’s wide open sky, the endless beaches, the light in autumn. My love to nature, flowers and beauty.