A few years ago, seven watercolour artists from different countries took part in a challenge: The 100 Wash Challenge.

Devised and managed by artist and tutor, Maggie Latham, the challenge involved a commitment from each artist to paint 100 washes over the course of a year, and blog about their experiments with water, pigment and paper. The seven artist who rose to this challenge were: Theresa Evans, Maggie Latham, Christy Lemp, Suzanne Lindfield, Vandy Massey, Jane Minter and Olivia Quintin.

The challenge gathered followers from the artist community who wanted to learn from our experiments and share in the discussion about the wonders of watercolour.  As the final deadline approached, every artist was determined to meet their commitment and brushes flew across the paper.  The original ‘Washing Girls’ still keep in touch online and have become firm friends.

Now a new challenge has been launched - The Wash a Week Challenge will repeat the process of the previous project and four of the original Washing Girls will take part once again.

The Wash a Week artists are:

Lori Bentley
Lorraine Brown
Isabella Kramer
Christy Lemp
Vandy Massey
Jane Minter
Olivia Quintin

Each artist will paint and post a wash starting on 1st January and continuing until the end of the year.

The purpose of the process is to share our experiences and the lessons we've learned from the water, paint and paper. We hope you'll find our shared washes and information about them useful, and welcome comments and questions on this blog.

Every month Olivia will set a public watercolour wash challenge. This is your opportunity to join in. Have a go and share a photo of your wash with us. Let us know what paper, and paint you used, and add any observation you'd like to share.

We look forward to sharing our watercolour journey with you through 2015.