Jane MINTER - Italy

Why do I like Watercolour? 

Intrinsically it makes me happy   ..... I lose myself when I paint ....  I love the fluidity and dynamics of water and colour  . ...the possibilities are endless ... with so little so much can be suggested and left to the imagination. 

Favourite Colour? 

I love many colours for their unique and different qualities ..... It is exciting to explore new colours.

Favourite Painter?  

A few of my favourite masters  are   J.M.W. Turner  James Abott McNeill Whistler , John Singer Sergant.

If you were a painting what style of painting would you be?  

A freehand sketch .... An idea , an impression , a fleeting memory.

Biggest Challenge in Watercolour?  

Painting watercolours is very much an "on - going" challenge for me.

Favourite Place to Paint? 

My favorite  place has to be outside followed closely by our old kitchen table.

Who has inspired you?  

Primarily my parents love of watercolour.

Many watercolour artist have inspired me but I will mention in particular two watercolour artists that I have met in person that have encouraged me.

As a teenager I met Rowland Hilder when I visited his studio . I grew up surrounded by a collection of his landscapes and seascapes . I can remember being completely memorized watching him demonstrate watercolour washes . He gave me my first watercolour book . At the time I enjoyed reading many watercolour books of  my father's  on British watercolourist John  Blockley  and impressionists such as Edward Seago.

Much later on I first met watercolourist and friend Jean Haines who kindly invited me to her studio to paint in 2008.

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