Sunday, 3 January 2016

The end of Wash a week challenge blog.

During a whole year, lots of experiments, sharing, surprises with watercolour !
We all learnt a lot from each other.
All those experiments gave us energy and new ideas.

I would like to thank all the artists who generously took part in this blog.

This blog was written  from the 1st of January to the 31th of December 2015 !

You won't find new posts anymore here, but the blog will still live.

Thank you again and happy creative year to you all !

For information : you have the opportunity to leave comments until the 31st of January 2016.
After this date, the blog will be still online, but closed to comments.


Monday, 28 December 2015

Vandy Massey - Week #52

White Roses 12cm x 12cm

We've reached the last of our 52 weeks of washes. It's been fantastic to share this project with such a wonderful international group of artists and to see the range of styles and approaches of each.

Paper: Saunders Waterford HP
Pigments: Green Gold, Daniel Smith Pthalo Turquoise, Daniel Smith Shadow Violet.

My wishes for your painting next year:

Clean white paper for fresh opportunities in 2016
Green Gold for fresh new ideas in 2016
Phtalo Turquoise for clear clean colour in 2016
Shadow Violet for glorious textures in 2016

Thank you for following us through the year.
Happy New Year!

Friday, 25 December 2015

isabella kramer week #52


SIZE: 21 in. x 14 in. - 51 x 36 cm

This is my last post in this wonderful challenge and I hope that you all enjoyed it as much as I do. It was a funny, instructive, enriching and inspiring time. Thousands thanks to you all!!  

During this season of giving, let us take time to slow down simple things. May this wonderful time of the year touch your heart in a special way. Wishing you much happiness today and throughout the New Year. 

with Hugs & Kisses yours
and may colors and light always be with you


Thursday, 24 December 2015

Merry Christmas to you ! Joyeux Noël à tous !

Merry Christmas to you !
 Joyeux Noël à tous !

Lori Bentley Week#52

Happy Christmas to everyone.
To My fellow washers - well done on making it to the end and adding your own ideas and experiments to our 2015 project. I have enjoyed it thoroughly... but please wait a year or two before you decide to do this again. :)

To our readers who followed our sometimes erratic journeys with paint, thanks for sticking with us - I hope you have been inspired to put brush to paper.

To our contributors: thanks for rising to the monthly challenge when we didn't have the time to.It was great to see how you interpreted the challenges.

Finally, having posted the alphabet since August, I thought it would be cool to show you the big picture:

Wishing you all a colourful 2016.