Lorraine BROWN - Australia

Why do I like Watercolour? I love the excitement when the pigment and water combine on the paper and surprise me with their unique results every time.

Favourite Colour? This is ever changing but right now its Indigo.

Favourite Painter?  I am not besotted with any one painter but fall in love with the work of someone new to me quite often.

If you were a painting what style of painting would you be?  I would be full of colour, texture and some surprise.

Biggest Challenge in Watercolour?  Knowing when to stop and call a work finished.

Favourite Place to Paint? My studio is my sanctuary and I could easily live there.

Who has inspired you?  I take inspiration from seeing so many beautiful watercolours from both professionals and amateurs but I am really inspired by Ann Blockley and her experimentation with texture.

Blog: http://lorrainebrownwatercolours.blogspot.co.uk/