Olivia QUINTIN - France

Why do you like watercolour ?
I love the unexpected effects and how colours are doing their own life on paper.
I love the run with the water, fast and spontaneous painting in watercolour.

Favourite colour ?    
I love them all...but especially magenta, all turquoise blues , quinacridone gold and orange cadmium. Neve use any black or white painting.

Favourite painter ?
Vincent Van Gogh.

If you were a painting what style of painting would you be?
A very colourful and joyful painting.

What has been your biggest challenge in painting watercolours?
The biggest challenge - past, present and future one, is finding freedom in painting. Another one is expressing feelings with colours.

Where is your favourite place to you paint?
I love painting in my " bric à brac " studio. A kind of bubble studio. A place where I can listen to jazz music , smell a perfume candle and be with my cats when I paint. I also like plein air painting near the sea during summer .

Who has inspired you?
Few painters : Vincent van Gogh, Gustav Klimt, Claude Monet, Henri Toulouse Lautrec, Ewa Karpinska, Carol Carter, Fabio Cembranelli and Nicholas Simmons, and my first watercolour and beloved teacher, Anne Gilles.

My friends and family ,  sea landscapes , my " Bretagne " where I live in France, my kitties Maddie and Scarlett, beauties of nature.

Blog: http://atelierpetitemer.blogspot.com