Vandy MASSEY - England

Why do I like watercolour? 
I love the happy accidents of watercolour. It's definitely a challenging medium, but at the same time, a wonderfully exciting one when it does the unexpected.

Favourite colour?
All the blues. If you could see my paint collection, you'd find a disproportionate number of tubes containing blue paint. My favourite favourite at the moment is Pthalo Turquoise. It's a colour that just jumps off the page.
Favourite painter?
Anyone who has the ability to create gloriously atmospheric paintings, or who surprises me with their work. In the watercolour world, some favourites are Eric Laurent and Eva Karpinska.

If you were a painting what style of painting would you be?
Exuberant and chaotic, and very colourful

What has been your biggest challenge in painting watercolours?
Drawing skills - its something I know I need to work on constantly. A second one would be: Not overworking a painting.
Where is your favourite place to you paint? 
The studio in my garden. In winter it's cosy and smells gloriously of paint. In summer with the doors wide, I have the view of my garden to enjoy while I paint.

Who has inspired you?
Very early in my painting life, I was fortunate enough to be accepted as one of the artists for the original 100 Wash Challenge. My fellow "Washing Girls" were all inspirations for me. But even before then, my talented and generous sister, Lori Bentley who was constantly my greatest art critic and who I can always trusts to share her artistic insights.