Monday, 19 January 2015

Christy Lemp Week #3

Racing to do this week's wash after bringing son back to college!
I've been doing birch trees lately as negative paintings(taping off the trees and painting background first) and decided to try a different approach here.

 After running lines of water down the paper, (140# Bockingford) I splattered color into the wet areas. Winsor Violet and Helio Cerulean here.
 Then a long neglected color-Opera Rose. I like this picture the best and could have just left this nice suggestion to dry and added a few branches later and probably would have been a nice simple study.
 But no! I added more trees, skinny ones for the background and a line for the ground.
Added more violet and blue for a night sky wash in between the trees and they popped out. A fun exercise with many possibilities for a future painting. :)