Thursday, 1 January 2015

isabella kramer - week #1

Hello and a very happy, creative and colorful New Year 2015 to all 
who participate in this blog and to those who read it and share our love of watercolor.

I'm a newbie to this fantastic group and set my first steps carefully....

In my first post let me talk about the choice of paper and show you two examples of results.

1. these are the two papers, both are rough and 300 g/m²

2. left side Gerstaecker and on the right Britannia

3. first I work wet in wet and in the part below I work on the dry paper.

4. the biggest difference arises when working on dry paper. Under magnification the interesting flow behavior on the Britannia is clearly visible. Britannia is clearly the more creative paper with a strong momentum.

5. Now it comes to the question of what I want to paint. I have a motive, the house of a rose breeder living in France, each one painted on one of the above mentioned papers.

6. However, I have also chosen a different color palette. This is certainly not unimportant, but now I am concerned with the paper qualities and their properties. Britannia is necessary to control it and it takes practice, but it is a paper with wonderful potential, I think! Look at the interesting transitions and bleeding.

I hope my experiment and my thoughts have given you joy and inspiration.

May the Color be with you!!!

isabella kramer - veredit