Thursday, 5 February 2015

Lori Bentley Week #6

Back to my planned pieces.
Rainbow Lorikeet.

One of the problems with the colours of this bird is that they are complimentary. So trying to keep them from running together and creating a mud colour is a challenge. Cadmium Red is not transparent, so it doesn't play well with other paints. Which is fortunate :)

 Colours used: Emerald and a bit of Cadmium Yellow for the lower feathers. Emerald and indigo at the top. Brilliant blue on the right which kind of got overrun by the other colours. Cadmium red pale on the chest.

Had to do a bit of knocking back and bleeding of edges with a wet brush to get rid of a bit of the intensity, added in the details in purer wet colour and watercolour pencil, once dry.