Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Vandy Massey - Week #7

I decided to try some sky washes having seen some lovely sunsets on our trip to Istanbul.  

I used Quinacridone Sienna as my base wash colour. It's surprisingly light and orange. I was expecting a somewhat browner colour. The lighter tone was a better option for the sky I wanted.

Arches watercolour journal entry for Daniel Smith Quinacridone Sienna

First wash: Quinacridone Sienna. Second wash: Quinacridone Violet on wet on dry.

Third wash and detail in Quinacridone Violet.

Working on getting more light into the painting, I tried another version in my sketch book. In this instance I used a combination of Indian Yellow and Quinacridone Sienna for the first wash. I rather like this lighter version.