Wednesday, 4 March 2015

February challenge a little late

I have, in the past, made charts of my watercolours to see how they mix with each other. Having recently acquired new colours, I had a look at my old charts and figured out there were 16 colours I had acquired in the last year that had not been documented. So I have set out of create a new chart for the new colours. This is a bit of a challenge as I have about 48 colours to compare them with - so the resultant areas are small. I would probably get different results with bigger squares, but it would take up too many sheets of paper. This will be enough to give me some idea of the resultant mixes when I am illustrating.

I love how the colour ranges transition - the only "fly in the ointment" being the perylene maroon I forgot about and added on at the bottom, instead of with the reds.

I was particularly fascinated with how the gold ochre (top row) reacted with hooker green.
Here is a close up:

So I did a wash of Hooker Green on a larger piece of paper, added some perylene green (because it's dramatic) and then blobbed in some gold ochre. Looking at it, I suddenly decided to rush off to the kitchen to get the table salt.
Here it is while wet with the salt just starting to work.

Here is the final which I left to dry overnight: