Thursday, 16 April 2015

Lori Bentley Week #16

I have done quite a few studies of Lilac-breasted Rollers over the years. They are one of my favourite South African birds and surprisingly tricky to spot despite their colouring. Once again, sketched with blue watercolour pencil and the white areas blocked out with masking fluid.
Colours used: Indian Red, Purple Lake, Turqouise, Emerald and Intense Blue.
As you can see, the Purple Lake and Indian Red combined well, but I was a little over-enthusiastic with the paint and in order to stop it bleeding into the blue area, I tipped the paper to get a gravity assist.

Added in the eye, beak and claw details.

Washed back the overrun and added some definition with saturated single colours.
Removed the masking fluid once dry.