Sunday, 5 July 2015

Vandy Massey - Week #28

This week's post is the story of a discovery and a partial success. Its an ongoing exploration which I may extend.

The accidental wash
It started as an 'Oops' moment. I was painting on a sheet of tissue paper which proved to be slightly less porous than I had expected. The result was that the paint was sitting wet on the tissue for longer than it would normally have. I knocked an empty cellophane sleeve onto the wet paint by mistake. Oops!

When I lifted it, I realised there was paint on the cellophane to I pressed it down on a clean sheet of Bockingford. (right hand sheet). There was still some paint on the plastic when I lifted it, so I repeated one a second sheet of Bockingford (left hand sheet).

A serendipitous wash had taken place.

Time to repeat the exercise deliberately.

Simple materials

Step 1 paint on cellophane
The result with a light pressing.

I like the randomness of the marks that are created using this method. The painting needs a lot more work, but this is a nice start. I've since tried sketching on cellophane using watercolour pencils and pressing onto water sprayed paper.

This will take some work to master - a lot depends on how hard you press down on the paper. I find a light touch is better and some little taps with fingertips to make the contact happen where you need it is very effective.

Happy playing.