Thursday, 23 July 2015

Vandy Massey - Week #31

Another little warm up wash for when you just don't know what to paint. Let the paint do the thinking for you.

How dirty is your palette?
Start with a nice dirty palette. I have a number of palettes but this is the one I'm using more frequently these days - It's just a flat plastic palette which has the advantage of loads of space for pigment. I don't always clean off leftover paints and this is what my palette usually looks like.

Soak a sheet of paper in water - I literally put it in a bowl of water for 15 minutes. Slap it down on the palette and press down gently. Shift the paper slightly to get the pigment moving.

Then its just a case of selecting the areas of the paper that inspire a painting. 
What can you see?

Elements of a landscape
Colours: Daniel Smith Bloodstone Moon, Perylene Green, Green Gold, Cadmium Yellow, Burnt Sienna.

There's a floral painting hiding somewhere in there
Colours: Winsor Violet, Quinacridone Pink, FUB