Thursday, 13 August 2015

Lori Bentley Week #33

I have not painted in a while - been a bit busy over the weekends - so I am down to the odd bits a pieces done previously.

This wild dog sketch went on auction in June to raise funds for Tusk and their conservation programmes.

The medium is not watercolour, but rather a new (for me) set of soluble pencils called "inktense".

They work like watercolour pencils, but are a bit softer and, I think, a bit easier to use. As their name suggests, they are supposedly ink in pencil form - whatever the case may be - they are rather fun to work with, the only problem I find with them is that you can't really create the fantastic effects you can with paint and the colour ranges are limited. Having said that - I love that there is a lovely sludgy olive green pencil in the set - which you can see in the picture - mixing up nicely with the browns, blues and yellows I randomly added to the grass.