Sunday, 20 September 2015

isabella kramer week #37

first sketch on Bockingfort 

Hi dear Watercolor Friends,

Can't believe but it's really mid of September. Time's running!! And it's the time of one of my favorite fruits. The sweet, dark blue Plums. So here are my watercolor exercises with plums and the wonderful Color Rose of Ultramarine and the brilliant Permanent Orange from Daniel Smith.

This exciting blend mixes Quinacridone Rose and Ultramarine Blue. The blue settles as the rose floats, creating a vibrant, dimensional purple. For those artists who "always mix their own purples", this unique, otherwise unattainable separation is worth exploring.

Juxtapose Rose of Ultramarine with pure Phthalo Blue RS for fun and effect.

ASTM Lightfastness Rating: Excellent
Transparency: Transparent
Granulating: Yes
Staining: Medium

mixed with 

This Permanent Orange with its’ juicy, bold orange color will add brilliancy to your florals, sunsets, sun-drenched and tropical landscapes!

ASTM Lightfastness Rating: Excellent
Transparency: Transparent
Granulating: No

Staining: Low

With this both colors I've started a new beautiful plum painting. But first I took my plums and have baked a delicious plum cake. Tomorrow I'll buy some new plums as models and finished my work. Promised !!! 

Wish you all a happy and creative new week. 
May light and colors be with you ;-)

Cordially yours,