Monday, 7 September 2015

Lori Bentley monthly challenge september

Washing with coffee. Inspired by a story I read recently of people getting upset now that the frogs are coming out at night because spring in the Southern Hemisphere is on its way. The Endangered Wildlife Trust is urging people not to eradicate the frogs that are croaking all night as they are beneficial for keeping the insect population at bay. Anyway, I thought one of the solutions would be very strong coffee in the morning... frog induced coffee :).

Taking part in this challenge was pretty easy as I always have a pot of coffee on hand on the weekends - no frogs required :)

The challenge here is getting the darks. As you can see the range of tones in this wash is quite large. I started by creating one wash on the parts where I wanted colour. The places I wanted to be darker got coffee applications over and over again. On the eye and the back, there must be at least 10 layer of coffee.
If you look closely, you will see the dark edge to the eye. I discovered that the coffee colour gravitated towards the outside of the wet area each time I applied it. So you get this cool outline to the washed area, especially if they are small and you have applied a "blob" of coffee to it.