Thursday, 10 September 2015

Vandy Massey - Week #35

Moving on from last week's quirky mark making thoughts - I've been rediscovering a pair of brushes that prove to be particularly versatile.

Dagger and Sword

Some years ago I bought a sword brush, worked with it for a while and then moved on to working with other brushes. A few months ago I bought a dagger brush - same sort of angled bristles, but wider and with less spring. 

Working through my range of mark making ideas, I revisited the sword and started working with the dagger brush.

The dagger gives a broader stroke and carries a lot of paint. By twisting the brush as it lays down the paint, interesting stroke marks can be created on the paper.

The Sword brush is longer narrower. Much finer lines can be created, and while it's harder to control the brush because of the length of the bristles, that also means it can deliver some spontaneous and exciting marks.

Experimenting with the sword brush during the flower painting workshop with Olivia.