Thursday, 5 November 2015

Lorraine Brown - Week #45

I bet you are just like me and cannot resist adding new pigments to your collection. Sometimes I even forget what I have and buy something thinking it is new to me only to find I already have it.
I have just purchased newies by Daniel Smith, as a supplier was having a discount on 4 or more tubes. Big mistake - buying whilst on ipad in the house without checking supplies out in the studio. I already had two of the colours but new to me Opera Pink and Nickel Azo Yellow I did not have.
I tested these two pigments and recognised them immediately as the same as two Winsor and Newton colours Opera Rose and Transparent Yellow and checked the pigment numbers on the tube and yes they were the same.
I did a few wet into wet tests though and found that even though they are the same pigments they behaved quite differently when added to a wet wash or water.

The two DS colours mixed gave the most wonderful fluro look but when the W&N pigments mixed they didnt do so well. I then mixed brands to see what would happen.

The DS Opera Pink is more vibrant when mixed.
The DS Nickel Azo Yellow swims fast in a wash.
The W&N both colours needed help to get them moving.

1. Remember not to buy more paint without checking first.
2. Use up the myriad of tubes I already have.
3. Make a reference chart of paints that move quickly and magically in water as this is what is exciting me right now.