Saturday, 20 June 2015

Lorraine Brown - Week #24

Sometimes an art store I use occasionally offer a good discount on buying Arches watercolour paper if you order three tubes of Daniel Smith watercolour pigment. If I am getting low on paper I take up the offer but by the time I buy the paint, that I probably don't need, it really is false economy.
This time I chose to buy another Bloodstone genuine as I am really taken with its dark granulating colour and then I chose two new to me colours to add to my collection.

Here is a wash using the two new colours: Daniel Smith Quinacridone Violet and Daniel Smith Mayan Blue Genuine combined with one of my favourites W&N Quinacridone Gold
The Blue is very much like Indigo but I think it granulates really nicely so it should be useful to me.
The violet is nice but I can live without it.

Perhaps useful colours for landscapes and river scenes