Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Lorraine Brown - Week # 38

I am not a photo realist painter so finding ways to create the right look but retain looseness or expressive impressions as I like to call my style presents continual challenges. I often skip over a subject or scene quickly if I cannot immediately think how I might depict it in my style. I loved seeing an image by Ruth Archer from Paint My Photo of fish on ice and at first thought I might just paint the fish and not worry about the ice but this would have been all to easy so up for a new challenge I used masking fluid to retain some light on edges of ice shards and pieces and when the fish were completed, the masking removed I added sponged on white gouache. Its not realistic but it is in keeping with the expressive impression capture of the fishes. I have posted more about the steps to do the painting this week on my blog.

On Ice
Saunders Waterford Hot Press 300gsm
28.5cm x 38cm