Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Vandy Massey - Week #36

I'm working on a landscape that needs to be bright, happy colours and predominantly blue and green palette. These two factors were part of the brief.

I've generally found that bright blues tend to be the cooler ones and as I don't want the painting to feel cold, I had to find a way of bringing warmth into it.

Choosing a Quinacridone Gold as my basic yellow was a start. My next step was to select warm and cool blues that would work together.

Jane Blundell is and Australian watercolourist whose blog is my favourite colour resource. Here's her take on warm blues.

I selected Indanthrone Blue and for the cool blue, Pthalo Turquoise and Pthalo Blue.  Here are my clingfilm tests for the two blues combined with the Quin gold.

Quin gold and Indanthrone Blue
Quin gold with Pthalo Turquoise and Pthalo blue

And all the colours on the page with plastic wrap for texture

Waiting for the details
Details in progress