Saturday, 12 December 2015

Lorraine Brown - Week #51

Last Flight of The Day
56cm x 33cm
Saunders Waterford CP 425gsm
This is my second to last post in this year long blog challenge. My very last post will be my Christmas wishes to you so from me this is in fact my last "wash"post.
The year has been filled with so many art challenges for me and having this blog has kept me on the path of always trying something new whether it be colour, texture, subject, paper, brushes or application. I hope you too have discovered "new to you" watercolour tips and techniques.
I share today a riverscape which even though I live on the edge of a beautiful river these types of works elude me and I think it is because I have not found my way of competing with the real beauty I see everyday.
Maybe this will be a 2016 challenge for me.
I was able to let loose with this painting as my art commitments for the year have all been met so it is now playing time with no pressure.
I have used a very limited palette of Indigo, Raw Sienna and Bloodstone Genuine.
Below shows how the graulating Bloodstone is ideal for mood and interest.