Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Lorraine Brown Week #2

Searching for Gold and Silver
As I mentioned last week I am using this blog to more formally document my research for colours with a painting in mind instead of plunging right in. This time I am looking for a Gold and a Silver and wanted to create my painting entirely in watercolour so the option to use gold and silver ink was discounted. 

For the Gold
I tried out many yellows and golden hues before settling on a combination of two,added wet into wet

  • Golden Lake - by Maimeri Blu - from a set of a few colours I purchased a while back from an on online sale
  • Quinacridone Gold - Winsor & Newton
  • Iridescent Medium - Winsor & Newton added into the wet wash

For the Silver

  • French Ultra Marine Blue - Winsor & Newton
  • Winsor Violet - Winsor & Newton
  • Quinacridone Gold - Winsor & Newton
  • Iridescent Medium - added into the wet wash
This did not require much testing as lots of softish greys with the Iridescent Medium easily does the job but because I want to make a finish painting with a unified palette I needed to think of using colours for my silver that I could then use throughout the work. 
The painting I am to do is a bit of a challenge for me but by at least having the colours worked out I can concentrate on the other elements required.

Search for Gold and Silver

Combinations chosen

You can see a painting where I have used this weeks colour study here on my blog.