Thursday, 20 August 2015

Lori Bentley Week #34

I had a bit of a crazy idea a couple of weeks ago. I had run out of washes and I know that I need to spend time in the studio. But work has a way of consuming time and then I don't get around to painting for ages.

I decided I needed a theme to see me to the end of this challenge. As you may have gathered, I do birds quite a lot and so decided on an Alphabet of Avians from Africa (sorry, just had to do that). I am going to explore different ways of painting them. Some of the colours may be similar, in which case I might post random letters together.

This first feathery friend is a fire-crested ALETHE, which I have to admit, I never knew existed before I started researching the birds I was going to do.

Colours used on the bird: Indian Red with a bit of Cad Orange to give it some oomph on the highlights and Indigo.