Thursday, 17 September 2015

Lori Bentley Week #38

F is for Flycatcher.
For the first time I experimented with plastic wrap/cling film on washes (the jacana posted 2 weeks ago was actually painted after this one). It was quite tricky as these are quite fluffy little birds. When I painted the blue wash on the bird, I added a small piece of plastic and then shifted the folds around so that they were aligned with the direction of the feathers. This more or less worked as they do give a feathery effect with a few anomalies. once dry, I lifted off the paint on the chest section to lighten it. I like the suggestion of texture underneath.

The background was also given the cling film treatment.

Bird: Antwerp blue with details in indigo as well as the viridian and alazarin dark shade.
Background: Perylene green.